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Curious about what the Orange Carb is?

The Carbonated Orange Beverage Research Association (COBRA) originated at Carleton University's School of Computer Science. In 1994 a group of dedicated undergraduate Computer Scientists (and friends) were in third year, working on getting some rubber-stamped little piece of flattened dead tree with ink and wax on it that said that we could use a computer with some sort of skill. The School tended to call this an Honours Bachelor of Computer Science Degree.

We are a strangely varied group of people, with a plethora of interests. We are brought together by a mutual interest in computing, programming, music, humour and beer. At the time, you would have found us in the Orange Carb Lounge (below the pendulum in Carleton's Herzberg building), the Herzberg labs, or hanging out at Mike's Place, the Royal Oak or Zaphod Beeblebrox.

The members of the orange carb are now dispersed far and wide. We are employed by Nortel Networks, xWave, Renaissance Learning, Entrust, Cognos, Bay Networks, Corel and Jetform (just to name a few). A few of us are still at school, having moved on to further degrees, etc.

Boy are we hip!

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