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by Colin Henein

Takes up to 70% less space than Apple's gauge.
Monitors laptop batteries and many UPS batteries as well.
Select different views for when powered, charging or on battery.
Monitor can hide itself automatically when desired.

Version 1.5 fully supports Snow Leopard.

Macworld: 4 mice!
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SlimBatteryMonitor is a replacement power gauge for Apple's Mac OS X that tracks both laptop batteries and many UPS batteries. Multiple-battery systems (e.g. older powerbooks) are supported as well. A graphical icon shows the power remaining, and can be accompanied by a text description (battery charge in percent, or time remaining). Colours can indicate whether the system is fully charged, charging or on battery.

three different text displays
show percent full or time remaining

five different shape options
5 different shape options

much smaller than mac os x gage
much smaller than Apple's gauge!

Best of all, you can choose different display options for each battery state (fully charged, charging or on battery). You may wish to see the time remaining while on battery, for example, but show only the icon during charging, and hide SlimBatteryMonitor entirely when batteries are fully charged.

Agrees closely with Apple's meter, as both are producing a gauge from the same raw data. SlimBatteryMonitor is a better choice because it presents the same information in a much more space efficient manner, allowing you to fit other menu bar items on the screen as well.

SlimBatteryMonitor operates as a background application, so it won't use up a space in your dock. It is compatible with Apple Mac OS X 10.3 and up, and it is very easy to configure.

If you'd like more information on SlimBatteryMonitor, why not check out the complete manual, or look at some screen shots of SlimBatteryMonitor in action. Or, simply get it and try it for yourself. Feedback on SlimBatteryMonitor is welcomed. Send your comments to sbm AT juicer.orange-carb.org (replace the AT with @).

Program and documentation are copyright. © 2006 by Colin Henein.
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