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SkeyCalc 3.0
by Colin Henein

An RFC-2289 compliant OTP response generator (S/Key Calculator).
Designed for Mac OS X. Keychain-compliant.
Still available for OPENSTEP and NEXTSTEP.

Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

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SkeyCalc computes one-time passwords for use in logging in to servers which implement OTP (sometimes called S/Key or SKey) access control. SkeyCalc supports both MD4 and MD5 based OTP algorithms. (SkeyCalc isn't an arithmetic calculator like your pocket calculator.)

SkeyCalc operates as a service, allowing for lightning-fast OTP authentication. It saves your password in Apple's secure keychain (if you desire). SkeyCalc uses sensitive regular expressions to make using one-time passwords a snap.

SkeyCalc is the MacOS X equivalent of opie, opiecalc and skey+. Away from home? try the JSOTP right within your browser.

If you'd like more information on SkeyCalc, why not check out the complete manual, or look at some screen shots of SkeyCalc in action. Or, simply get it and try it for yourself. Feedback on SkeyCalc is welcomed.

Program and documentation are copyright. © 1997-2009 by Colin Henein.
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