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Using the Output as Input

Output from the ACT-R Memory Output Library can be used as input into other programs, which can then provide a further illustration of the workings of the ACT-R models of interest.

For example, I have written a sample program that uses files created by the global-variables-output-verbose function to print out a table of global variable values that differ between models. I wrote this particular program because I was curious to see if other people's models were using global variables consistently. This program, along with the ACT-R Memory Output library allows me to make these comparisons relatively easily.

Suggested Applications

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Model Comparison Assistant Description

  This perl program runs at the unix command line. It takes as arguments a directory name and a filename. The directory should contain (only) files that are to be compared for differences in global variable values. The file supplied should contain a list of relevant global variables. Only these global variables will be checked. A file of usefully compared values can be found here.

Suppose I had number of files in the directory foo that contained output from the ACT-R Memory Output Library Function output-global-variables-verbose.

Suppose also that I had a list of relevant global variables in the file relevant_gvs.txt.

To run the program I would type: perl foo relevant_gvs.txt


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