about XCIX

Greetings, I'm Colin Henein. Welcome to my photoblog. I decided to transition from text blogging to a photoblog in order to focus much more on the creative art that I want to be doing. I may still post the occasional piece of reflective text, but I am sure I can do it within the context of a stream of pictures.

The first goal I've set for myself is a 99 photos project, a countdown to the start of a new decade. The project, titled XCIX for 99 in roman numerals, is focused on a photographic re-awakening. The goal is not necessarily to produce 99 photos on a theme, or 99 stunning photos, but just to crank up my creative brain by taking 99 different photos that I am pleased with. I won't beat myself up if I skip a few days, include some mediocre snapshots, or get busy with other things. If I finish up after the start of 2010, that is fine with me. I will feel the project is a success if, at the end of 99 photos, I feel my photography has grown and broadened.


This photoblog runs on Pixelpost software. The look of the blog derives from a template called Braeburn 2.0 by Deenee, I have substantially modified it.