Ice Flow
Driving across the Chaudiere crossing in the mornings has me attuned to the river, contained as it is within various spillways. Yesterday, going North I noticed that both halves of the flow were frozen and thought it would make a good photo. On the way back I found the sun had warmed one side enough to break up the ice, which was flowing under the bridge. I wanted to try a slow exposure to show the movement, but this didn't work very well. I noticed, though, that I had several shots from a similar angle, and flipping through them was like a little animation of the ice moving. I'd never created an animated gif before, so I decided to give it a try. It's a cool effect and one that I may yet try again, perhaps with a few more frames next time.

If the image isn't moving give it a sec to load, it's big. If you're on Safari it seems to have some bugs with animated gifs, try viewing the image on its own. Grr, technology spoiling my idea!

Posted: 2009-12-18.   Shot: .
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