Queen of my desk
This plant, Saintpaulia ionantha is also known as African Violet. It's a tropical herbaceous perennial that comes from Tanzania and Kenya in eastern African (making it a house plant). This particular plant sits on my desk at work, where I have been watching over it at least a few times a month when it is looking droopy.

I placed the plant into a homemade light box that I had taken to work because it took up too much space at home. One of the sides of the lightbox was torn, so I shot through the tear and into the light to get this white background. I sat around pressing the shutter until a picture was taken that I found pleasing.

Here is a frame from this afternoon. I didn't bother collaging it because it is plain to see that the plant has been pruned unevenly, and it's shape is quite like that of a deflated football. This flower would love to be pollinated by bats, or just generally cared for by anything that takes more of an interest in it than a computer scientist.

Despite all this, this flower truly is the queen of my desk.

Posted: 2009-11-18.   Shot: .
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5 sec   f/18   41 mm   ISO 100