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I'm planning a remembrance day edition of Music from the Glen tomorrow morning, and so I'm returning to the theme of remembrance day here as well. This photo was taken during the 21-gun salute, and I liked the Canadian flag in front of the cloud of smoke in front of the peace tower.

We often think of wartime -- perhaps because of all the black-and-white photography, or to fit the grim mood that surrounds it -- as a time of grey and depressing weather. It can't have been cloudy all the time. Instead, there must have been days of brilliant blue sky, the kind that make you want to take the day off work and go for a walk in the fields. Do soldiers ever get that wish? To just call the whole thing off for a day and go fishing or something?

I like this picture because it has the obvious national symbolism, the peace tower and the cloudless blue sky. But it combines this perfect weather with the smoke of heavy ammunition. Like the noise of the guns, the smoke helped give some remembrance day insight into what it was like to be there. The perfect days, in some ways, must have been as hard as the miserable ones; perfection marred by smoke and death.

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