The pumpkin festival
This year we were in downtown Toronto for Halloween, and went with friends to "The Great Harbord Street Pumpkin Festival." A truck drives around the neighbourhood on Nov 1 and collects all the pumpkins. They are displayed along Harbord Street the same evening, and the whole neighbourhood comes out to admire them. There are pipers, and refreshments provided by local restaurants etc.

You may know that I enjoy taking pumpkin portraits at Halloween time, and the festival is a great opportunity for photography. I took the camera and tripod down to see what I could make of it. Although I did take the shot above, it turns out that Noah (6 year old son of our friends May and Dan) wanted to take most of the shots. I was impressed at his ability to put the camera into live view, zoom in, do fine manual focus, and take the shots. His composition is pretty good too! Everyone at the festival was very impressed. I think a picture of him behind the camera will appear in the Annex Gleaner, a local community newspaper. Fun!

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2.5 sec   f/5.6   50 mm   ISO 100