Lisa in lights
Had a lovely day walking in the Gatineaus with Jeff and Buffy and a triple birthday party tonight. Got some good pictures outside, as well as cute birthday brownies and some decorations too.

This picture is kind of the odd one out; in some ways there is a lot wrong with it. The camera's focus had been forgotten on manual, so it's out of focus. The angle of the coloured light panels is wonky. Lisa's head bopped into the shot in the middle of the exposure, and is kind of double-exposed / silhouetted / out of focus.

Despite its problems, though, I feel drawn to the image -- much more than to the technically better pictures of the light panels alone or to the good nature/decoration/brownie pictures. There's something organic about this photograph, and I like it.

Posted: 2009-10-17.   Shot: .
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1/1 sec   f/11   50 mm   ISO 100