Aberdeen Pavilion
The Aberdeen Pavilion is the oldest fair building of its kind in North America, dating back to 1898 (about ten years older than our house). It is a huge space, 283 feet by 123 feet. My house would fit into the building 74 times over, and that is without stacking houses vertically (which you could surely do).

Sound silly? The city's plan for Lansdowne Park is to do exactly this. You can't heat the building and so they propose to build permanent modern structures inside the building. (This conveniently gets past the heritage rules which I believe only protect the external envelope of the building.) Even the city says that the distinctive feature of this building is the vast space with no columns or walls.

I wish I had had my camera with me inside tonight's city-sponsored open house as people young and old got up on a chair with a megaphone, mostly to denounce the plan. City officials tried to shut this down, but the crowd prevailed. (A minor battle won in a war we are losing.) It felt good to see that other people feel the same as me. There are too many reasons to be against this plan: the mockery of due process, the destruction of a neighbourhood, the desecration of fine heritage architecture, the laughable transportation plan, forty acres of above-prime land given effectively in perpetuity, the lack of return on taxpayer investment. No competition for the development rights. All this in exchange for a sports team with a poor track record that might not last 5 years. Even if it did, what a price to pay!

Funny, I decided to start photoblogging because I thought my old blog was too political. Now two rants in a row. Tomorrow I promise something fluffy and nice.

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