It was a stellar weekend. Storytellers from across the country gathered to retell the epic Norse myths. From creation to their version of the apocalypse: Ragnarok. We have all heard stories about Thor and Odin and the other gods of that pantheon, but to hear most of the known stories (end to end and in order) gives a whole new perspective on the tradition.

The weather was appropriate to the tone of the stories: windy, cold and sometimes rainy. This was a complement to the bleakness of the Norse story landscape. Despite this we enjoyed camping next to the home of two tellers, on the shore of a lovely shallow lake near Almonte. I had to get up in the night and as soon as I did I knew that I'd be up for a while, getting out my tripod and trying to capture the look of the looming storm clouds as they screened the stars. Funnily enough I had to get up again a few hours later and did the whole thing over again because the storm had passed and the moon had risen. (Perhaps I'll post that picture later on.)

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