River Construction
Tthis construction sign was installed for a while on the Rideau river. I thought it was hysterical that someone would place a road construction sign on the river in the middle of rapids. Besides, the construction was obvious and didn't need a sign. The raft the sign is on was floated by sheets of pink styrofoam. Someone went to some trouble to install this!

Getting this picture required a swim in the Rideau. I've been associated with the university since 1993, and visited frequently before that as a young person. I have never swum, nor have I known anyone who has. (Wading does not count.) The river is actually pretty nice to swim in, albeit with a rocky bottom. Poor choice of swimming day for me though; upstream, Mooney's bay was closed with coliform counts of 400. Next time I swim I'll pay more attention to water quality.
Posted: 2010-08-28.   Shot: .
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1/250 sec   f/7.1   50 mm   ISO 100