Girl Power
Aura Lea invited us to the roller derby on Saturday night. It was quite a sight to behold, with perhaps 60 women out for a shot at the May Mayhem double header. Two teams from Ottawa and two from Toronto. It wasn't a good night for Toronto, who lost several times over in both matches. I was impressed by the ferocity of the bouts. Too often we see women's sports as the gentle cousin of men's leagues; while violence for the sake of violence is not a thrill, it's also a bit pathetic to see women as wilting flowers who are too nice to compete. These girls showed they weren't as fragile as all that... all the while keeping it fun and... er... sportspersonlike? Tricky to get good photos here; these girls move fast.
Posted: 2010-05-31.   Shot: .
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1/30 sec   f/2.8   100 mm   ISO 400