Lay of the land (Winter)
My everyday lens came back from the manufacturer yesterday, all cleaned up and fixed. Today was a bright sunny day, the perfect day to test it out while making a winter version of lay of the land. I had tried this before, but the brilliance of the snow overwhelmed the camera and I couldn't get enough blur. This time I returned with a neutral density filter and captured the picture I wanted.

I've always loved Corkstown Road, and this section of it in particular. it's a windy little deserted strip parallel to the Queensway between Moodie and March. Standing on the edge of the field you have a great expanse of farmland in front of you, the river beyond and the Gatineau hills in the distance. Behind you, just far enough away, are hundreds of people speeding past on the highway. Don't turn to look at the road... you've stepped off the ride. Alone, you're part of the field instead of part of the bustle.

Posted: 2010-01-22.   Shot: .
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1/15 sec   f/18   50 mm   ISO 100